A great couple of sessions working with Sarah to fix some niggling long-term injuries. She got to the root of the problem really quickly, and helped give me practical, straightforward exercises to stay healthy.

Pete Cornes

Went to Sarah with a weakness in my left leg. She quickly diagnosed the problem, gave me a set of exercises to work through. The problem did improve and quickly got back to running and last year a managed my best year with running. She has always been there to provide advice and support.

Alex Mark

After symptoms being made worse by one physiotherapist, Sarah totally sorted me out in two visits with homework. Ran my first marathon whilst coming back from injury which I thought I had no hope of doing. 100% recommend.

Michelle Henderson

Sarah’s excellent. She really listens to your needs, knows her stuff and clearly keeps on learning, so she can keep on helping! Thank you.

Emma Cornes

Can’t recommend enough. Went to see Sarah after the doc told me to stop running. 3 sessions later and completed my first half marathon with no pain. Awesome!

Steve Roberts

I have suffered for years with many aches and pains in many different areas and I felt I would never ever feel pain free but Sarah was fantastic!! She had a bit of work on her hands with sorting me out but I’ve never felt so good!! Its helped me improve my fitness and my everyday life, I feel like a new woman and its so good to not rely on painkillers to relieve the pain, I just wish I went to see her a long time ago!!! Thank you Sarah

Shell Evans

I started cross fit just before Christmas and found that when I was doing certain exercises that I was getting pains in my lower back and it was going very stiff making it hard to continue training. Sarah was recommended by the coach at cross fit to see if there was anything we could do. I booked an appointment and so glad I did, my o my regret is not seeing Sarah earlier as there are problems I’ve had for years that we’re showing up. Sarah really knows her background on body mechanics, it may seem a bit strange at first some of the exercises that you go through on the initial assessment. Once done though Sarah explains why you do them and the reason behind why you have issues. There was more than just my back that was an issue but we have focused on some exercises to relieve that issue. I can honestly say that I have not had any back problems since following her guide on what to do. I am due to go back end of February as I want to work on other areas like my shoulder as I get pins and needles in my fingers. She truly knows her stuff and I’ve recommended to other at cross fit already. She’s also a very welcoming person with it as well and you feel at total ease going about these problems.
Highly recommended and as said only regret is I didn’t know about this years ago.

Mark Blackwell

Sarah is absolutely amazing! I suffered with back pain for around 7 weeks, physio sessions weren’t making a difference and I thought I would have to stop training forever! After just one session with Sarah the pain went – I kept up with my exercises and took on board the advice Sarah gave me. She explained everything thoroughly which helped me to understand what was going on, and Sarah is so so helpful. 100% recommend Thank you again Sarah x

Catrin Williams

I’ve been to see Sarah with 2 issues now, both times the pain has been in a different place to the actual problem. Without her help I would’ve been training all the wrong ways hoping it would fix me!  You’re a star Sarah! Thanks!

Jo Chalk