I’ve finally returned the weights loaned to me by Sarah for my physio after mangling my hand. It’s the second time I’ve been to the body mechanic and can’t thank or praise her enough. My hand was pretty knackered and surgeons and NHS physio weren’t brilliant, with the advice being not to move it. With the help, and encouragement from Sarah I managed to work towards getting strength and mobility in my wrist and fingers. I cannot recommend her enough!

Luke William

Sarah is fantastic at what she does, so knowledgable! She listens and makes you feel totally at ease during the session. She’s even helped me during my pregnancy to ease back pain. I would recommend The Body Mechanic to anyone!

Lianne Evans

I fully recommend Sarah. Her knowledge is amazing and she is constantly updating this. She has treated me for a bad back and although I have had various treatment for this before, my pain has always returned. Sarah has a different approach to other practitioners and she gives you tools to go away with so that you can help yourself to stay pain free. The exercises she gives are all supported with video clips and are really helpful. I don’t think I have met anyone who is quite as enthusiastic about her job as Sarah and I have always left her sessions feeling positive and enthusiastic about my own exercise.

Jan Turley

One word….superb! I’m an endurance runner who had problems with tight hip flexors/weak glutes but thanks to Sarah and her easy to follow set of exercises, have been injury-free for 18 months. I hope this continues.

Sarah is very professional with a lovely, friendly manner who puts you at your ease and has a wealth of knowledgeable that she draws upon to treat your problem. She has also been very helpful regarding hormonal health when I have several questions about menopause issues and has offered sound advice about these.

Thank you Sarah

Jane Holt

I can’t recommend Sarah highly enough. I was unsure what “biomechanics” treatment fell under so I was not sure what to expect. But after suffering for years and having physiotherapy, osteopaths, plans and such, I have to say… I’m impressed!! Sarah blew me away with her depth of knowledge, it’s practical application and her skill! Not only have we worked together to solve many of my bodies ‘problems’ but sarah has increased my knowledge and understanding, meaning that I am better placed to manage my physical performance moving forward.

Jemma Stubbington

This lady is fantastic.She LISTENED to me! She is friendly and explains what she is doing and why she is doing it. She gave me exercises to do, she taught me to listen to my body and understand that a pain in one area for example wasn’t necessarily because I had a problem in that area! The exercises she gave me were easy to do and something that could be fitted into a busy day. She also gave me links to videos of the exercises so I could refer back to them from time to time! I would highly recommend Sarah to everyone I know!


I went to see Sarah after having problems with pelvic and sciatic type pain, after my last pregnancy. She was very honest and informative with her approach . In her words, she gives you the ‘tools’ to help yourself. Those tools were various different strengthening exercises. I’m beyond pleased with the results, after about 2 years down the line. I’m still pain free. So my way of continually thanking Sarah, is by recommending her to practically everyone. Thank you so much Sarah.

Natalie Forsyth

Well …. let’s just say I travel nearly 20 miles to visit Sarah. She has treated me for injury and sports massage. Not only is Sarah professional she puts you at ease immediately. I can’t speak highly enough of my treatment. I have recommended Sarah to both friends and work colleagues. If I have anything slightly wrong I don’t mess about going anywhere else. I hope my rave review will not mean I can’t get an appointment when I need one !!

Anwen Edwards

This woman is amazing. I’d been suffering with a knee pain for months, after a visit to the body mechanic and some homework to do my knee was back to normal within days. I’d highly recommend anyone with any aches, pains or niggles to book an appointment, you won’t be disappointed.

Matthew Pritchard

To find words to describe Sarah and what she has helped me to achieve I am finding impossible. 5 years after a nasty horse injury, being told by one professional after another, doctors, physios and such like that I would never ride again and would need a knee replacement to even be able to bend my leg I was still determined to prove to myself that I would be able to ride my horse again. I knuckled down and bought all sorts of exercise books and tried everything. Then I came across The Body Mechanic on Facebook and followed all the intriguing posts for about a year before making the my first three hour drive to North Wales. What an experience meeting Sarah was, I spent hours with her on my first visit. We discussed so much and assessed everything, no one had listened to me and told me in no uncertain terms that there was no reason I could not do everything I wanted. I left Sarah that evening feeling so excited and all I had to do was a few simple exercises. This was just the beginning……..

Now I am back riding and starting to jump my horses. I’ve gone from very little bend in my left knee and very little strength in my left leg to being able to forget there was ever an issue, but now I want more and more so I go back to Sarah. Sarah is massive ray of light when all you face is closed doors and pain, gosh I forgot about the constant pain, when did that go !!


Mel Smith

I went to the Dr with extreme back pain and was given diazepam to help, all it did was turn me into a zombie for a week and the pain was still there when I came round, didn’t solve a thing. I needed to get mobile again and back to work and got in touch with Sarah.
She chatted to me about the pain, explained why we feel pain and got to the root of the problem, sending me away with “homework” exercises to resolve the issue. I was back up and running in no time, and also understood what was wrong! Would definitely recommend a visit for anything from a niggle to major issues – thanks for all your help!

Luke William

Amazing, I’m still finding the words to describe how I feel today. I have had many different aches and pains over the years, I’ve been to the doctors and been dismissed or sent off with a pot of pills. Today everything literally clicked into place. Not only is Sarah amazing and informed, but she can relate and puts you at ease as soon as you walk through the door. Four of my friends have been and recommended her, and I’m so thankful I took their advice. I am writing this from the COMFORT of a sofa I do not usually sit on, as my back pain is that bad I can’t get comfortable. Thank you Sarah x

Suzanne Hicks

Well what can I say? This fabulous lady has helped me so much. I went to her following a recommendation to see if she could help me with my back pain. She was so kind and caring and listened to everything I was saying. She was thourough and completed and full holistic assessment to ensure she provided me with the treatment and advice I would need. I went away with advice treatment and felt fully supported knowing that if I ever need her she is always there. Thank you for everything you did sarah x

Hayley Jayne Wright

I went to Sarah 2 weeks ago after having 2 years away from powerlifting with severe back issues, she found the issue straight away and gave me some ‘homework’ to help strengthen the weaknesses which has helped me push hard into my 1st competition in 2 weeks cant thank her enough!

Chris Phelps

Helped me overcome a shoulder injury that had taken me out of the gym for 18 months. Didn’t just treat the injury but helped me find the cause and other imbalances that would cause me trouble down the road. Highly recommended although maybe not the best business model to cure something within two sessions and some homework.

Dane Griffiths