You’re Expensive!

I have had some disparaging comments about the cost of my services, so let me explain.

Firstly, I run a business to pay the bills. I wish I did not have to charge for my time and offer free treatments to clients. But I can’t. In the beginning I payed my bills by charging less and seeing more clients. But one of the things I have learned over the years is that my energy is finite (despite me trying to believe otherwise). For every client I work with some of that energy gets passed over to them. The more clients I see the less energy I have for each. And so I now limit how many clients I work with to ensure that each of them gets as much energy from me as I can possibly give. But obviously as a consequence this does mean that my fee will be higher.

Secondly, in charging more I am able to see who is serious about resolving their issues. I require that my clients do ‘homework’ for things to improve. If they don’t do it then they are their wasting their money. When they spend this kind of money, the chances are they are serious about their health, they want results and they are willing to pay for it.

Thirdly, I see the majority of my clients 2-3 times. If the issue is not resolved in 4-6 sessions then I probably can’t solve it and I may need to refer for further investigation. This rarely happens though. It’s in my nature to figure things out and I want my clients to improve as quickly as possible so I do everything I can to make that happen (which again means less appointments).

Finally, I don’t think I can really put a price on the hours, days, weeks, months and years that I have read, thought, researched, wrote and worked to try and make sense of each client and the problems they present. I may spend 90 minutes with a client one-to-one but that client will remain with me for days and even weeks to come as I reflect and research how I could achieve better results for them (next time) or for other clients who present with similar issues.