What Is A Body Mechanic?

Ok, let me explain…

Over the years, what I and others have referred to me as, has changed. Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor, Nutrition Coach, Sports Massage Therapist, Exercise Referral Specialist, Biomechanics Coach, Movement Therapist, Women’s Health Coach. The list goes on.

After all, I’ve been in the Health and Fitness Profession almost 16 years. It’s a hell of a long time and I’ve picked up a load of qualifications along the way (I’m addicted to learning!) But the truth is that I am ALL these things. I just don’t have space on my Business cards to add every single one of them 😉 Which is why I decided to incorporate everything I do into one name….The Body Mechanic.

You see the body is a highly sophisticated system where all areas interact with one another. The brain talks to the gut. The gut talks to the immune system. The immune system talks to our nervous system. Which talks to our musculoskeletal system. And on and on and on.

Nothing works in isolation in the body. Which means that in order to improve our health, fitness and wellbeing we have to work with the WHOLE body. And so I incorporate a number of different techniques that I have developed over the years to help people as opposed just focusing on one modality.  I integrate what I need when I need depending on the client in front of me.

Originally it was my plan to specialise in an area. But truth be told, the body IS my area. I’m in love with how the body works in this integrated way. Which is why I get excited trying to piece together how my clients can improve whatever it is that they want to improve. They just might not realise the factors that are holding them back. And that’s where I come in. I am able to reflect back to them what they may not see. It’s like being a detective! Or a Body Mechanic!