Informed Consent

Before your appointment you will be asked to confirm consent to the following:

Procedural Consent

I confirm that the information I give to my therapist is correct to the best of my knowledge. If there is any change in my conditions I will notify my therapist at the earliest opportunity.

I understand that massage therapy and exercise are not a substitute for a medical examination and it is recommended that I attend my medical practitioner for any ailments that I may be experiencing.

I acknowledge that no assurance or guarantee has been provided to me as to the results of the treatment and I understand that with any treatment there can be risks and those risks have been explained to me and I assume those risks.

I authorise my therapist to release or obtain information pertaining to my condition(s) and/or treatment to/from my other physicians, consultants, practitioners or coaches/ trainers.

I consent to receive treatment on this and future occasions, but I understand that I can refuse treatment (or any part of treatment) now or in the future without jeopardising future treatment at this practice.

I understand that it is important that I inform my therapist of any concerns, reactions or discomfort associated with treatment.

Cancellation Policy

I understand that if I wish to cancel an appointment, at least 24 hours notice of cancellation is required.

If an appointment is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice before the scheduled appointment time, I will be charged 50% of the amount due. Any missed appointments will need to be paid for in full.

Privacy Policy

In order to identify and contact me, I understand that my therapist must collect some of my personal information such as name, phone number, address, etc.

I confirm that I am happy be contacted by my Therapist via email or SMS regarding treatment received (homework), appointment reminders, and changes to services or offers.

I understand that I can opt out of these communications at any time, quickly and easily.

I consent to my therapist holding my information for the legally required 7 years and understand that all information is confidential and will be protected and stored appropriately to comply with GDPR.

I understand that I have a right to see what information is being held about me and that I have a right to request deletion of data should I so choose.

I understand that the information collected will not used to enrich others and that only information necessary to establish or maintain support from my therapist will be held.

I understand that the utmost care is taken to ensure my information is protected against misuse, loss, interference, unauthorised access, modification and disclosure.

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