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Initial Assessment £90:

It is during an Initial Assessment where I get to know YOU! We go through a thorough Personal Assessment where we discuss your current issues, your movement, your medical history, your current behaviours and training. We also discuss your lifestyle, what is on your mind and your reason for coming to see me in the first place. Then we go through a number or screens or assessments which looks at how you move (or don’t) and try to work out exactly what is holding you back from achieving your goals. Whether it is pain, fear, uncertainty, physical restrictions, mobility, flexibility, imbalances, weakness, etc. Then we work out a plan of how to get you from where you are to where you want to be. This session usually takes around 90 minutes and includes a full case history, assessment, treatment and advice.

Reassessments £55:

This is where we reassess the progress made since the Initial Assessment. Please note that you MUST have had an Initial Assessment with me before booking in for a Reassessment. This session is roughly 45-60 minutes in duration and involves a follow up assessment, along with treatment and advice.

Sports Massage £55 & £30:

Sports Massage treatments are ideal for those who wish to receive hands on massage treatment to help improve soft tissue quality, movement and function. These sessions are perfect for a general loosen up, pain relief, as part of a maintenance programme or as pre/post event. These are carried out in 60 minute treatments (£55) and 30 minute treatments (£30). Although it is advised, you do not need to have had an Initial Assessment before booking in for a Sports Massage treatment.

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