Who Do You Spend Your Time With? And Why It Matters

Motivational speaker Jim Rohn said that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.

Whether you agree or not, we cannot ignore the fact that we’re definitely influenced by the people that we spend the most time with in our lives.

And these people affect everything!

From our way of thinking, our financial situation, our self-esteem, all the way to the decisions we make and even our personalities to some degree.

Of course, we are all our own person, but research has shown that we’re more affected by our environments than we might realise.

So have a think about the people you spend the most time with.

Are they supportive, encouraging, and do they truly care about you?

That being said, while it’s ideal to be closely surrounded by positive, supportive people who want you to succeed, it’s also necessary to have your critics too. The ones who tell you exactly what you need to hear (even if you don’t like it).

It’s about balance.

You need honest, caring, supportive people who will have your back but also tell you when you’re being an ass.

Sometimes it’s worth considering who you let in to your “inner circle!”

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