Stress & Healing

I cannot repeat enough how stress reduction (or maybe more appropriately, stress management) is an essential part of the healing process.

Over and over again I have seen that if we have two clients/ patients with a similar diagnosis, the client/ patient who works at reducing their stress levels (either by removing the stress or by increasing their resilience to it) will have a faster recovery and better results than the one who does nothing about it.

And this is not just my observation.

The reality is that studies have shown time and time again that stress slows healing. The more stress we have or rather the less we are able to cope with stress, the slower the healing within our bodies.

Stress can also lead to inflammation so even if there is nothing that needs healing in the first place (as in an injury), the body can still be responding the same.

Another thing that really makes a difference is a positive attitude.

Yes this may be a tough one to have especially if you are frustrated and are in pain, but if you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, if you know that what you are doing really will bring about change, the body responds in a positive way.

The evidence regarding the power of the brain is mounting up by the day.

Let’s not ignore the impact that our thoughts, whether positive or negative can have on the physiology of our body.

We simply cannot separate one from the other.

So I ask you, what are YOU doing to make yourself more resilient to stress?


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