Foot Pain & The Calf Muscles

A client I had came to me with disabling pain in the arches of her feet. She found that resting helped but the pain would start as soon as she started walking again. Even a short distance would cause the pain to come back.

Although she wore heels for work a lot of the time and many people were telling her that they were causing the issue, when she did change to smaller heels they actually made things worse!

She felt so upset as she was wanting to get back in to her running (which she had stopped 6 months previously as she thought that could be the cause).

When we assessed her lower legs we found that there was an extreme limitation in her range of motion.

And so her homework was to apply Soft Tissue Releases (self-massage or trigger point therapy) twice a day as well as stretches throughout the day in order to help with her foot pain.

We discussed how the limitations in her calves can cause foot pain and that often where the pain is, the cause is not.

After a few days, pain stopped being a problem and she was actually able to wear smaller heels with no issues (which are better for her body).

So if you’re having issues with foot pain give these a try and see if they help*

Self Massage:


*If it doesn’t or the it keeps returning then there may be something else going on such as a leg length discrepancy, pelvic issues or even a shoulder problem that will be worth getting checked out.

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