Factors That Influence Pain

The majority of people that come to me with pain will involve some kind of neuromuscular problem. This means that there is an issue with the muscles, the nerves and connective tissue as well as the adjacent areas. And so it is essential for me to have a good understanding of these issues as well as how best to treat them.

However, in addition to uncovering and treating whatever neuromuscular impairments are driving a client’s symptoms, I believe that it is also vital for me to work with my clients so that can we figure out what OTHER systems might be influencing their pain.

This might include looking into nutrition, sleep, stress, lifestyle, behaviours, thoughts and feelings, hormonal health and so on.

Sure, it’s a big time commitment (which is why my initial appointment can sometimes take up to 2 hours or more). Yes it would be easier to just treat the painful area and send them out the door.

But what I’ve observed in my practice is that if you want to successfully treat a person for the LONG TERM, then at the end of the day, it’s what works. I’m not looking for a quick fix.

I don’t want to have to see my clients on a regular basis*. I want to educate them on how THEY can look after their own body. It’s not about fighting fires. It’s about ensuring that they are aware when the match is lit and what they can do about it.

*Yes there are some clients that need regular attention. But these are exceptions and not the rule!

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