Simple But Effective

This is an example of how quickly a functional leg length can be improved with just one exercise and less than 3 minutes. (The images show lines placed below the lateral malleolus/ the inner ankle bone on both legs)

In this instance the hip of the shorter leg was contracting and holding tight (hence the shorter leg). When this happens, I’ve found that stretching often makes no difference.

However, using isometrics or muscle energy techniques (where the muscles contract but don’t more) can make a huge difference even if it feels like you’re hardly doing anything.

There is often the belief that you have to do something big to achieve something big but this really is not always the case.

When I see leg length discrepancies I simply take them as a baseline from which to work from. No big fuss. I just use them to help me find out what works and what doesn’t.

I then try a technique and retest. If it changes the LLD then I’m happy that whatever we did is probably going to help in some way. If it doesn’t change then I try a different technique. And so on until I’ve created a change. This doesn’t always happen (sometimes a person has a structural leg length discrepancy). But more often than not, something is simply holding one leg shorter than the other. The key is to test and retest until you work out what!

This particular client had come to see me with plantar fasciitis as well as an old shoulder issue and back pain in sacroiliac joint, all of which can be caused by a leg length discrepancy like this. And again, more often than not, it’s the simple techniques and movements that make the biggest difference.

The exercise that was used to create the changes in the image is the good old leg press

(Hold for 20-30 seconds; Repeat 2-4 times; Repeat 2-4 times a day)

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