What is Biomechanics Coaching?

One of the questions I get over and over is... What is Biomechanics Coaching? So let me explain... I started working in fitness 18 years ago as a Personal Trainer and Class Instructor. And over those years I realised that there was something missing with regards to getting my clients to perform at their best... Continue Reading →

No Time To Train? No Problem…

Research has found that weekly resistance exercise sessions of 1-3 times per week OR the total amounting to 1-59 minutes were associated with approximately 40-70% less risk of total cardiovascular disease events. And this was also regardless of aerobic exercise! One of the things they also showed was that there was no significant risk reduction... Continue Reading →

Stress & Healing

I cannot repeat enough how stress reduction (or maybe more appropriately, stress management) is an essential part of the healing process. Over and over again I have seen that if we have two clients/ patients with a similar diagnosis, the client/ patient who works at reducing their stress levels (either by removing the stress or... Continue Reading →

Cupping Therapy: An Introduction

It may look like some kind of torture (1) and may temporarily leave strange circles on your skin (cup-kisses), but it’s so unbelievably effective. For thousands of years, cupping has been practiced in countries like China, Egypt, and Greece. Using cups to create a negative pressure on the skin, therapists can encourage healing, reduce pain... Continue Reading →

Foot Pain & The Calf Muscles

A client I had came to me with disabling pain in the arches of her feet. She found that resting helped but the pain would start as soon as she started walking again. Even a short distance would cause the pain to come back. Although she wore heels for work a lot of the time... Continue Reading →

QL Trigger Points

According to The Concise Book of Trigger Points, issues with the Quadratus Lumborum (a deep 'core' muscle responsible for side bending) can lead to symptoms such as: Renal tubular acidosis (accumulation of acid in the body) Scoliosis Mechanical low back pain. Hip and buttock pain Greater trochanteric pain (side of your hip) Pain when turning... Continue Reading →

Factors That Influence Pain

The majority of people that come to me with pain will involve some kind of neuromuscular problem. This means that there is an issue with the muscles, the nerves and connective tissue as well as the adjacent areas. And so it is essential for me to have a good understanding of these issues as well... Continue Reading →

Explain Pain: 10 Key Concepts

Here are the 10 key concepts from Explain Pain Supercharged extracted by Lorimer Moseley and David Butler. Explain pain is a life changing book for those of us helping people in pain and I highly recommend it. 1. Pain is normal, personal and always real: All pain experiences are normal and are an excellent, though... Continue Reading →

Rotator Cuff Tears

So many people have heard about Rotator Cuff tears. And so many people fear them. But actually, tears in the rotator cuff have been found to be more common than we realise. And not only that, but they can happen without us even knowing about it especially as we age. In the research below, people... Continue Reading →

MRI & SLAP Lesions

Following on from the last few posts about MRI and shoulder abnormalities (here and here), SLAP lesions or tears have been found to be another normal age-related change. In the study below, 72% of the study group (aged 45-60 years old) were found to have SLAP tears. And just as in the previous studies, these were... Continue Reading →

Bursa Thickening: A Normal Adaptive Process

Here is another piece of research to suggest that changes within the body such as bursal thickening are (often) painless adaptive processes. Which is why, seeing these on scans should not assume that they are the cause of someone’s pain. After all, in the study below, bursal thickening was shown to increase as the amount... Continue Reading →

I’m Moving!

It’s 12 months since I moved to Crossfit Wrexham but unfortunately my time there has come to an end. Family commitments have taken priority which has led me to move back to my old office in Llangollen. (Any appointments from July 3rd onwards will be back at The Malthouse). Originally the decision felt like I... Continue Reading →

Simple But Effective

This is an example of how quickly a functional leg length can be improved with just one exercise and less than 3 minutes. (The images show lines placed below the lateral malleolus/ the inner ankle bone on both legs) In this instance the hip of the shorter leg was contracting and holding tight (hence the... Continue Reading →

Heat Or Ice?

Should you use ice or heat after an injury? The real question is... Which do you prefer? Check out this short video from FXNL Media for more information on which to use and why!

Why People Have To Squat Differently

"There is absolutely no one size fits all squat position. If you don’t believe me, you are in for a treat. This article will help show you why athlete comfort should dictate squat width, why some people’s (not EVERYONE) feet point out (no matter how much “mobility” work they do), why some people have a... Continue Reading →

Degeneration Without Pain

Do you know what percentage of the average adult population has degeneration on their neck on their x ray? 98% of people have arthritic changes in their neck and have NO pain. 98%!!! So in that case, how can we possibly know that the pain in someone's neck is due to arthritis? This video explains further.... Continue Reading →

The Little Big Things

When I picked up the book “The Little Big Things” by Henry Fraser I did not realise it would affect me the way that it did. What particularly stuck with me was his mentality. Here was a 17 year old who had his spinal cord severely crushed so badly that it left him a paralysed... Continue Reading →

Memory And Pain

According to this article, when marathon runners are not in pain anymore, they underestimate their memory of pain. The findings provide the first robust evidence for a relationship between memory of pain and present pain during recall. How many times have you said "never again" during or immediately after a race only to find yourself... Continue Reading →

Put The Glass Down

I absolutely love this video which illustrates perfectly how stress affects us. Stress is often a result of wanting things to be different from how they are right now. But sometimes we really do need to let go of the constant need for change and accept things how they are in this present moment. That... Continue Reading →

You Can’t Ignore Your Emotions

Emotional and physical pain, when processed in the brain are probably quite similar. After all, emotional pain causes physical issues, a change in muscle tension and can also affect our immunity and hormone cycle. The thing is, when people come to me with physical pain they forget to mention the emotional issues they are going... Continue Reading →

Sleep & Back Pain

Suffer with back pain? Here are 10 facts about how sleep patterns can affect it: 1. Poor sleep can be a cause of persistent pain in healthy people 2. Being tired can give you pain 3. Poor sleep can lead to persistent pain or recovery delay 4. The number of hours sleep needed depends on... Continue Reading →

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